Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our growing family!

Me and my baby girl.
Carson loves his baby sissy. He is very interested but still a little scared of her.
Our first family photo shoot.
My mom and I had fun trying to get pictures of Emery for the birth announcement.

The newest Tech fan. She pooped all over this outfit and her daddy after about 15 minutes of being in it.
Carson loved watching Deets and Champ swim.
He threw the ball for Champ.
Carson talking with Emery.
Cousin Davis' 4th birthday party.

Carson is already loving football season.


Trip and Nicole said...

Congratulations on your beautiful addition! She is absolutely precious and an amazing gift... we will be keeping you all and Emery in our thoughts and prayers!

the Sebring's said...

Love the bear picture!! That is too cute!

the Sebring's said...
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the Sebring's said...

Sorry I accidently posted my comment twice, click happy fingers I guess! So I removed one of them. Have a great Friday!!!

Vickie said...

you said the other night you did not take good pictures... that one of you and Emery is beautiful! I hope you have blown it up and have it framed.. it is precious! Thanks for sharing the Italy/Holland story... He has our story written before we were born... you must be very special to get such a gift.