Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

Since Emery will be here very soon, we decided to try Carson in his big boy bed a few weeks ago. It went better than expected! He loves his big boy bed! Carson helped daddy move his crib into Emery's room.

Stuffed Animals

This summer Carson has really started to love his stuffed animals. It all started when we were in Colorado for my sister's wedding. Justin's mother bought Carson a stuffed moose that Carson would call "moosh". Now he also loves Elmo which he calls "nelmo" and Puppy which my parents gave him. He loves to drive around in his blue car that Truman and Ross gave him for his first birthday.


Carson has definitely inherited one thing from his daddy. The love of golf. He even likes to watch it on TV. When I say that daddy went to work he replies "golf". We took him to the driving range a few weeks back and he loved it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Austin & Waco

Carson and I had a wonderful time visiting my family in Austin and Waco!! Justin had a great time playing lots of golf. Waco has lots of kid friendly places and activities. The Waco Water Park was the best! I wish I had taken my camera. But Waco also has cute little splash parks around town. Carson loved the Children's Museum down at Baylor. His favorite part was pretending to drive all the different automobiles. We went to lake LBJ and Carson went on his first boat ride and went swimming in the lake for his first time. I think he enjoyed driving the boat the most. We are back in Midland and we are here for the long run. Emery will be here before we know it. We have no more trips planned until Christmas.

The Children's Museum.

The LEGO exibit.

The splash park.

Bubba bought Carson his very own set of golf clubs.

High school friends!

Cabella's is a great place to entertain a youngster.

Justin & I with my sister, Ellen, and her husband, Jared.

Wearing Bubba's "Moosh" shirt.

Reading with his new friend Sumner.

Carson loved driving the boat with Uncle Jared,

Carson's first time on a boat.

Swim Lessons & Playing with Friends

Peyton & Pailyn playing in the jeep.

Anna & Brown playing in the baby pool.