Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aunt 'E' and Uncle 'J'

This past weekend Ellen and Jared came in town to visit. Carson loves his Aunt 'E' and Uncle 'J'. It was great having some extra hands around to help out with two kiddos.  We had several firsts this weekend.  We took both kids out to dinner.  We went to Bushido, where they cook your food in front of you.  Carson was not a big fan of the fire.  Which made things interesting because he had to be held the rest of dinner.  Luckily Emery was a little angel.  Ellen and I even did a little shopping with both kids.  It was great but I could not have done it without her.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ham Home

Several of my out of town friends have been wanting to see the new addition to our house and Emery's room. Everything is finally finished so I took some pictures of our house. Justin does not want any new projects at the house. I am already thinking about what else still needs to get done. Maybe next year he will let me do some work to the outside of the house. But for now we are very happy that we have plenty of room for our growing family. I have to thank my mother for making all of Carson and Emery's bedding and the helping with the game room.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our growing family!

Me and my baby girl.
Carson loves his baby sissy. He is very interested but still a little scared of her.
Our first family photo shoot.
My mom and I had fun trying to get pictures of Emery for the birth announcement.

The newest Tech fan. She pooped all over this outfit and her daddy after about 15 minutes of being in it.
Carson loved watching Deets and Champ swim.
He threw the ball for Champ.
Carson talking with Emery.
Cousin Davis' 4th birthday party.

Carson is already loving football season.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bath Time

Emery's first bath at home. Justin and I could not remember exactly what to do. It was pretty funny. Then Carson was taking a bath at the same time. Life is definitely crazier with two kids.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our First Days With Emery

Wednesday, September 8th, the Lord blessed us with a very beautiful and special little girl. Emery Elizabeth Ham is just a joy!! Her delivery went better than expected. Justin & I checked into the hospital at 8am and she arrived at 12:47pm. She sleeps a lot, does not cry very much (yet), and eats great. When she was born she was having a hard time transitioning and keeping her oxygen levels up. So she was put on extra oxygen and an IV for fluids. I was not able to feed her at first which was difficult for me. Once she was able to get off the oxygen she then became jaundice. When I was finally able to feed her, she started pooping, and stayed under the photo therapy lights the jaundice got much better! We were finally able to take her home on Monday, September 13th. Emery is just precious and we already love her so much! Emery is so special and unique that the Lord gave her one extra chromosome. Our baby Emery has Down syndrome. She is doing great and is very healthy. Emery’s doctor had told us Wednesday night that she might have Down syndrome but we had to wait to get the test results back. The official news came Monday morning. The news is still very shocking, but we know the Lord has great plans for Emery and our family. Please keep sweet Emery in your prayers. Carson is doing great and loves his little sister. He is very interested in her and loves to touch her head. We are still working on him giving her a kiss. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  I also put some pictures of my Drop-n-Dash that my friends gave me.  My great friends gave Emery and I some wonderful gifts!  I even included a few pics from the swimming pool just two days before I had Emery.