Friday, September 24, 2010

Ham Home

Several of my out of town friends have been wanting to see the new addition to our house and Emery's room. Everything is finally finished so I took some pictures of our house. Justin does not want any new projects at the house. I am already thinking about what else still needs to get done. Maybe next year he will let me do some work to the outside of the house. But for now we are very happy that we have plenty of room for our growing family. I have to thank my mother for making all of Carson and Emery's bedding and the helping with the game room.


Meg said...

just now getting around to seeing all these pics of emery!! oh jill she is just precious!! what a plan God has for your family, of this i am sure. a plan for great joy for you and to make His name known as well!! praying for you as you raise your beautiful daughter.

Jodi McCauley said...

Jill - your house looks great! And Congrats on your beautiful new addition to the family.