Sunday, November 24, 2013

Carson's Tailgate Birthday Party!

Carson turned 5 this month!  He is such an amazing little boy.  He is enjoying his new school and learning so much.  Emery could not have asked for a better big brother!  This year Carson asked to have his party at a 'field'.  If you know Carson you know that means a sports field not a farm or ranch type of field.  So I came up with Midland Memorial Stadium.  This stadium is the old high school football field and it is open to the public as long as it is not in use by students.  We took our chances and the party could not have been better.  When we got there to set up the tailgate party the high school baseball team was on the field playing football.  It scared me at first but it all worked out better than I could have expected.  Carson was able to watch the high school boys play football and then they asked him to play with them.  Carson joined the huddle and was even able to score a touchdown!!  It might have been his favorite part of the entire party.  For entertainment we had footballs, soccer balls and goals, kick balls, and baseballs and bats.  We even had a running race on the track as requested by Carson.  For the tailgate party we had hot dogs, chips, drinks, and cupcakes.  Carson's favorite song these days is the 'Star Spangle Banner'.  Which was a perfect song for our sporting event.  He was very proud to hold the flag up high while we all sang.  Then for party favors everyone received a baseball and bat.  Carson and his friends had a blast!!

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