Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Emery's 3rd Birthday Party

Emery turns 3 on September 8th.  Three years really have gone by fast.  She is talking more and more each day.  This summer Emery started swim lessons (no more mom and tot!) and dance lessons.  Carson and Emery are becoming best of friends.  We decided to have a Sand Box Party for Emery with a treasure hunt and all.  Each kid received a Disney or Superhero sand pail and shovel as they arrived.  These were not only the party favors but the kids also used them during the party.  Kids love playing in the sand no matter what age.  For food we had pretzels snaps (checker board shaped - sand sifters), cheese puff balls (beach balls), strawberries & grapes (treasure), nutter butters (made to look like flip flops), SANDwiches of course, and beach themed cupcakes and cake.  After food and cake everyone went outside for the treasure hunt.  The kids loved it!  We are so fortunate to have such great friends to celebrate with.

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