Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Sock Glove

Emery sees a Neurodevelopmental Specialist three times a year.  The specialist helps guide us through this amazing journey we are on with Emery.  She gives us certain things to work on that will help in Emery's development.  One of Emery's new activities is to wear Cortical Opposition Socks on her hands.  The Cortical Opposition Socks will help Emery learn the thumb-finger pincer grasp.  I used some of Emery's old socks and cut out two holes, one for her thumb and one for her pointer finger.  When Emery wears the gloves (or socks) she practices picking up small objects (like Cheerios) with only her thumb and pointer finger.  Emery is not quite sure what to think about the gloves, but she will get better and better.  At first she did not want to use her hands at all and tried to pick up Cheerios with her mouth.  Smart girl!

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the Sebring's said...

Love that face in the last picture! What a good idea to practice that fine motor skill!