Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Carson's Birthday Party!!

We decided that this year would be the first year to throw Carson a big birthday party.  Carson loves every sport so we went with a "BALL" party.  The party was at our church gymnasium and we had every kind of ball imaginable.  We had soccer balls, basket balls, footballs, beach balls, tennis balls, and more.  There were little kid basketball goals, a soccer goal, a football tee, and bowling.  We had fun with a parachute, the kids had a big race, and we also had a pinata full of candy.  I think the kids favorite was the parachute, they knew exactly what to do and they all went crazy throwing the balls around.  The kids had a wonderful time!!  The party went better than expected.  Carson has great friends and we were so glad that so many were able to celebrate with us.  Thank you to my entire family for helping put it all together!  We are so proud of Carson.  He is growing up to be such a great boy! 

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