Sunday, September 25, 2011

Austin & Last Helmet Appointment

Emery first put on her DOC Band or helmet on June 7 and her last day was September 2!!  Three months and her little head looks great!!  We are so very glad that we decided to get the helmet.  Emery never let it get her down.  The first picture below is of Emery before they started taking the after pictures.  Too funny she really is showing her personality.  We did not know that she was flipping off the camera until they uploaded the pictures to the computer.  Look at that smile!  The second picture is of Emery's technician, Amy, who took care of her and us during this entire process.  Amy was amazing and what is funny is that she is from Odessa.

While is Austin for Labor Day my sister, mom, and I went and got our hair blown out.  It was so cool!  The place we went is called 'Blo'.  They wash your hair, blow dry it, and do it for you.  It is not a regular salon because they do not cut or color hair.  I went all out and went curling.  I loved it!  I have not attempted to duplicate it yet but hopefully I will try it soon.  Wish me luck.

Carson loves to go fishing when he is with my dad, Bubba.  This time we even were able to get Carson to kiss the fish.  Emery thought fishing was quite boring and took a nap on Mimmie

Train ride at Zilker Park!! Carson's favorite!!
Packing Emery up before heading to New York City and Connecticut.

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