Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Can Sew!

Crazy but yes I made a skirt!  I saw Brooke Burke in a cute skirt in an 'Us Weekly' magazine and thought my mom could make that.  :)  When I told my mother about the skirt she of course she told me that I could make it.  So with a little help from my mom I did it and the skirt turned out very cute.  I am not sure if I look as good in it as Brooke Burke but who could.  Carson was very interested in the sewing machine.


sarahjox said...

Show us a picture of you wearing the skirt! I want to see it!!

Penelope said...

yes, you MUST post a pic of you in the skirt!

Vickie said...

I think you are as cute as Brooke Burke! I am impressed you can sew! I wish I could, lost art in our generation. LOVE LOVE the pics of the kids. I think Carson is looking just like his daddy! Emery just makes me smile, she is one precious, beautiful little girl. I sure hope I get her in CBS!