Friday, March 25, 2011

'Emery' Necklace Update

The 'Emery' Necklace fundraiser for the National Down Syndrome Society has been an unbelievable success!! I cannot thank everyone who bought a necklace enough for your love and support. It has truely been overwhelming. An anonymous ANGEL has so graciously offered to double the amount we raised!! Justin and I may never know who this special person is but we will never forget what you have done for this great cause. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This amazing journey would not have been possible without Marisa and Clyde's idea for this beautiful necklace. I asked Marisa, the necklace designer, what her inspiration was behind the necklace and here are her thoughts.

"I love keys of course. Especially antique keys, because I love to think about the history, the story and the journey. I think about all the keys I've had in my life. The key to my first diary - the key to my first car - the key to my grandfather's fishing boat - I think about the way I cried (so happy!) when I got the keys to the house I purchased all by myself ... you get the idea. It is less about the key itself than it is about the moments and the milestones ... all those moments and milestones that we want for the people we love - all those keys that will open all those doors. And, the beads (set off center) symbolize that even when life is a little out of balance, it is still beautiful and precious, just the same."
Marisa Howard

I just love everything about this necklace! Emery's life has just begun and already so many good things are happening because she was brought into this world. Her journey is just beginning and we are all excited to see where it leads her and all of us.

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