Friday, October 29, 2010

Doing Well!!

Our baby boy will be TWO on November 3rd.  Carson is such a joy to have our lives.  He is always so happy and full of energy.  Do not get me wrong though he is entering the terrible twos.  He does sometimes have a hard time understanding that he does not always get what he wants.  But he sure does love his baby sister!! 

My parents recently came in town to visit. They are always so helpful when they visit. It is so nice to have extra help entertaining Carson and to hold Emery. While they were here Justin left to go on an amazing pheasant hunting trip in South Dakota for work. He was gone for several days, so the kids and I went back to Waco with my parents. I am just not sure if I can successfully take care of two kids by myself yet. Then Justin met us in Waco for the weekend and to bring us back to Midland. We had a great time with my family and friends.

Baby Emery is dong so well! She is a really good baby. She eats well without spitting up too much. She is sleeping longer through the night but not yet all night. She is never too upset so not much crying. Early Childhood Intervention and Midland Children's Rehabilitation Center have both evaluated her and she has impressed everyone. She has good muscle tone and strong ligaments. She loves tummy time and can lift her head up high. She responds well to sound, motion, and lights. So she is off to a good start!!

 Kissing baby Emery!

 Cousin Davis and Aunt Diane holding Emery.

 Playing golf with Aunt Carol and Daddy.

 Carson loved Bubba's train.

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The Mehalls said...

Emery is such a doll! I love the pink on her ;) Looks like you all have had a great past few weeks-wish I could have been in Waco to see you!