Thursday, December 3, 2009

November - Carson turns ONE!!

I just cannot believe that is has now been more than a year ago that Carson was born. He has been such a blessing to have in our lives. Carson's first birthday was November 3rd. We celebrated with a Pooh Bear birthday party with family and close friends. Carson is just so much fun to be with. He is happy all of the time!! We spent Thanksgiving in Waco with my family. There are just so many things to be thankful for! Carson officially started walking while we were in Waco at the bowling alley. He just stood up and started walking in the opposite direction. It was too cute!! Now he just walks everywhere now.

Pops and Annie

Birthday Cake!!

Minnie made a wonderful cake!!


What a face!

Our dog, Champ, enjoyed the corner of the cake.
We were glad we caught him before it was all gone.

Carson has great grand-parents.

Aunt Diane brought balloons.

Carson loved playing with the balloons.

Our first visit to the duck pond.

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The Simdons said...

Our lives have officially changed now that we have walkers!!!!! Craziness! ha!