Saturday, September 12, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

School is in full swing. It is not as hard has I thought it might be. I have half as many students as in past years and they are all GT(gifted and talented). I teach 7th and 8th grade Algebra and Geometry. I have never taught Geometry before so it is a learning experience for both me and the kids. Daycare is going well also. It is hard for both Justin and I when we drop Carson off because he usually cries. I find myself sad on the days that he does not cry too. I am sad that he does not mind if I leave. I want him to want me all of the time. He is always very happy when I see him in the afternoon. I usually watch him through the window for a while. I love to see him playing with the other kids.

My parents came to visit on Labor Day weekend. We were all very happy to see each other. Justin and I went to the first Texas Tech game in Lubbock while my parents babysat Carson in Midland. It worked out great! Carson wore his first Tech jersey. It was a jersey that Josh and Justin wore when they were little. Carson was too cute in it! While we were in Lubbock the grand-parents discovered Carson's first tooth!! Here are some pictures from that weekend.


Carson with his best pals Deets and Champ.

Deets has really grown to love Carson.

Carson's first two teeth!!

Biting Daddy's finger.

This Snoopy doll was mine when I was little.

"I Challenge Gradpa to a Nap Off" is what the shirt says. Too perfect.

Reading with Minnie.

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Michael & Melissa said...

He is getting so big...what big beautiful blue eyes he has!