Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Having Fun!!!

Our computer crashed and so I have not been able to update our blog. But the computer is up and running again. Thank goodness!! Carson went swimming for the first time on memorial day. He was not quite sure about it at first, but he really enjoyed it by the end. I will post pictures of Carson swimming as soon as I can. This is my first week of summer vacation! Carson and I are having so much fun being together every day. The dogs love it too. I started Boot Camp this week. Boot Camp is a really good work out class that I am taking this summer. So far so good. I am still walking. I am just trying to get back into shape. This Friday Justin, Carson, and I leave for Waco. Justin will be flying back to Midland on Sunday night. Carson and I will be staying with my parents for the week. Minnie and Bubba are very excited and so are we! Here are some new pictures.

Memorial Day at my cousins' house. (It rained!)

Andy loved playing in the rain.

Our first wagon ride.

Carson loved it!

Carson has discovered how cool the TV remote is.

Playing with our new piano toy. The dogs love to be with Carson.


the Sebring's said...

Summer break is the best! Love the pics of Carson sitting--what a big boy! Good luck with boot camp!

The Vances said...

Jill, Carson is too cute! Enjoy your summer with him! Wish we could be in Waco too.

Michael & Melissa said...

He's getting so big and looks like a fun little boy. very cute.