Saturday, April 4, 2009

More of March

March was an exciting month! First my parents came in town and spent a week taking care of Carson while Justin and I were at work. Stephanie came to visit during spring break and met Carson for the first time. Then Ellen came in town and spent the weekend with us.

These are the most handsome men I have ever seen!

Our first trip to church.

Carson with his cousin Andy.

About to go on a walk with the pups.

This one is for you Judy. He loved his Mitch's Surf Shop onsie!

Carson and Deets are becoming best buds.

Carson loved meeting Stephanie!!

We love Aunt"E"!!!


the Sebring's said...

he's getting so big! so glad that you had a great spring break, too!

Keith and Judy said...

I love it! Every kid needs a surf shop shirt. And I really love the one about dating the daughter. I haven't seen any cute, funny ones like that. The next one is on the way...hope you like it! :)