Sunday, February 8, 2009

It has been three months!

We just cannot believe that it has been over three months since Carson came into this world. He is such a joy! I think we are finally over RSV. Luckily Carson did not have the worst case of RSV. He is smiling more and more these days. Here are a few pics from this last month.

He is not quite big enough for the jumperoo but look at those cute shoes.

He sure does like to play.

Annie is a great babysitter!


EDENS said...

what a cutie... he is getting so big. hope all is well.

the Sebring's said...

he is so darn cute!

Keith and Judy said...

Jill,he is SO CUTE!!! Do you like that little chair he's sitting in? We registered for one so tell us if it's worth it. :)

Amanda said...

Jill - he is precious! I can see both you and Justin in him!