Monday, September 29, 2008

Carson's Baby Room

Carson's room is finished! It has been so much fun putting it together. I could not have done it without my mom. She made ALL of the bedding (baby bedding, comforter, pillows, & curtains). She did an amazing job! I really think Carson will love it.

Midland Baby Shower!!

My mom and sister helped me go through all of my new stuff while I laid on the bed. Justin put together strollers and shelves for Carson.

This past weekend was my Midland baby shower! My friends were so wonderful and gave me a great shower. I had such a good time and Carson & I got some great stuff! My mom, dad, and Ellen came in town too. They had so much fun doing things for me since I was on bed rest all weekend except for when I was at the shower. My Waco shower was supposed to be next weekend but due to my bed rest we had to cancel it. I am really sad but Caron comes first. I was really looking forward to seeing all my Waco friends. I miss them all!

Baby Update 33 Weeks

We are now at 33 weeks. Carson is doing great! He weighs around 4.5 pounds and growing just like he should. I am feeling great too! BUT the doctor has put me on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Carson just does not have enough fluid around him. I need to be drinking LOTS of water and get off my feet. The doctor wants me laying down as much as possible in order to get pressure off of my kidneys. It is kind of a bummer but this means no more working until 2009. Luckily I have a wonderful substitute that is taking care of all my school work and classes. I will do whatever it takes to keep Carson healthy. Poor Justin now has to run all errands and cook all meals. But he a great husband and know he can do it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Davis turns TWO!!

Our nephew Davis turned two on September 20th! He had a sports themed birthday party.

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out his candle.

Davis and best friend Truman. Little sister Andy.

Uncle Justin and Davis. Aunt Jill and Andy.

Justin and Davis playing and singing. Too cute!


Our first Texas Tech football game to go to was against SMU. Tech won 43 to 7!! Justin and I met Josh and Diane in Lubbock. Instead of sitting in our normal seats, we got to sit in box seats. It was great! Free food, shade, and close bathrooms. It will be hard to go back to our regular seats. We will not make it to as many Red Raider games as usual but we definitely have a good reason. I am sure that one day Carson will be celebrating his birthday at a Tech football game.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


My mom and dad came in town Labor Day weekend. It was great to see them. Mary and I worked on baby stuff all weekend of coarse and we loved every moment of it. Earl's knee is finally feeling good after having knee replacement surgery in June. We are all very thankful. He loves to come in town to play with Deets and Champ.

This weekend Justin and I were in Midland and it was nice not having anything that we just had to do. Doug and Prinny (Justin's dad and step-mother) came by to see Carson's room and they loved it. It was good to visiting with them. Justin went hunting and I did some school work. School is slowly getting better. I sometimes wish I did not care as much as I do about teaching and doing a good job. It would make my life easier if I could just go with the flow but I want everything perfect.

This Tuesday Justin's mother, Nancy is having major back surgery. She cannot wait! She has been in quite a bit of pain for some time now. She wants to feel great by the time Carson arrives. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.