Monday, September 29, 2008

Midland Baby Shower!!

My mom and sister helped me go through all of my new stuff while I laid on the bed. Justin put together strollers and shelves for Carson.

This past weekend was my Midland baby shower! My friends were so wonderful and gave me a great shower. I had such a good time and Carson & I got some great stuff! My mom, dad, and Ellen came in town too. They had so much fun doing things for me since I was on bed rest all weekend except for when I was at the shower. My Waco shower was supposed to be next weekend but due to my bed rest we had to cancel it. I am really sad but Caron comes first. I was really looking forward to seeing all my Waco friends. I miss them all!


the Sebring's said...

You look so cute! Glad you and Carson got some fun stuff!

Janai Rogers said...

thanks for including me in the shower. You looked beautiful. It will be fun to show off your new little man to your Waco friends when the time comes.