Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School

School started on Monday. I wish I could say that it is going great, but it has been a very frustrating week. But I know I will get through it. I just keep reminding myself that I only have to make it until mid-November and then Carson will be here. I will be going back to teaching in mid-January. Then summer will be around the corner! I went to the doctor today and everything is looking perfect. Carson will be here before we know it!!


Janai Rogers said...

you look absolutely fabulous! Hang in there and baby Carson will be here before you know it!

the Sebring's said...! It definitely feels nice not be teaching! Believe me the last two months will fly by and you will not know where they went!

EDENS said...

Jill I hope things get better for you at school. You look great. carson is very lucky to have a mommy like you. I am hoping to make the shower in Waco.

The Mehalls said...

You look wonderful! Time will fly by and Carson will be here! Enjoy these last few months with him in your tummy :)