Saturday, May 28, 2011

Emery's First DOC Band Appointment

Last weekend Fancy, Emery, and I made a road trip to Austin for Emery's consultation for a DOC Band (or helmet).  We had a wonderful time shopping and being with family.  We were able to spend some time with Mimmie, Bubba, Ellen, Jared, and my Aunt Carol.  Emery was a great little shopper.  In one picture Mimmie had put her to sleep in the baby bjorn.  It just happens that my cousin, Clyde, and his girlfriend, Marisa, were visiting Texas from Oregon.  Marisa and Clyde are the designers of the 'Emery' necklace.  I was so happy for them to get to meet Emery for the first time.  Emery was just amazing at her DOC Band appointment.  We go pick up her helmet on June 7th.  It is estimated that Emery will wear it for 3 to 4 months.  She must wear it 23 hours a day.  The DOC Band only weighs 6 ounces and children get used to it very quickly.  For the record this has nothing to do with Emery having Down Syndrome. 

Reasons Emery needs a DOC Band:
*Emery's head is more circular than oval shaped
*The back her head is flatter than it should be, it has been since she was born
*Emery is on her tummy ALL the time and her head does not seem to be getting better 
*Alot of her weight is in the front of her head which could cause balance problems

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teeth and More!

The end of the school year is always very busy.  But I only have one more week before I retire from teaching.  It feels great!!  It has been ten good years but I am ready to be with my babies.  I cannot wait to be a stay at home mom!  Emery now has two teeth and they are sharp.  She loves baby food.  Thank you to Fancy for being patient with her and allowing her to learn how to eat.  Emery has loved spending her days with Fancy.  Last month we had a great golf weekend with the Simdons and Whitsons.  Carson has been practicing his painting and harmonica skills when he is not playing golf (which is his favorite).  Carson talks all the time and he says the cutest things.  It was so cute, on Mother's Day Carson ran into the room and said, "mama it is your day".  Then when he gave me my gift he said, "here is your birthday present".    I always say "I love you baby Carson".  So yesterday he told me "I love you baby mama".  Emery loves tummy time.  She now uses her arms to turn around.  She will go in a complete circle on her tummy just to keep her eyes on you.  We think that she will be crawling before she sits up.  Once summer arrives I will be able do new posts all the time!

Emery is 8 Months!