Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trip to Houston

Last week I went to Houston to visit Stephanie. We had the great time! We did lots of shopping and went to Lake Conroe with her family. There are many times I wish Midland was just a little closer to Waco, Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

21.5 Week Sonogram Pictures

Carson is really starting to grow. I had heard that after 20 weeks both me and the baby would start growing and we sure have. I am feeling great and enjoying the summer! Justin finished painting the baby room this weekend and it looks great. I ordered all the baby furniture last weekend. My mom has been hard at work making all of the baby bedding. I cannot wait to see it all put together. Here are our lastest pictures of Carson.

Carson's Profile

Carson's face is on the right side of the photo and he is looking at the camera. If you look closely you can see his eyes, nose, and mouth.

You can really tell that Carson is a boy in this picture. His legs were wide open.


Justin and I traveled to Ruidoso and Santa Fe, New Mexico for a little vacation time. This trip was probably our last vacation without Carson. We shopped, played golf, went to the horse races, and relaxed. We had a great time!!
(Click on picture to enlarge.)